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White Mini Fridge in Australia – Buyer’s Guide

White mini fridge not only allows you to store beverages, snacks, or small food items but also adds style to your life. It offers the ideal combination of functionality and aesthetics. Keep reading to explore the features and benefits of this must-have appliance for any modern Australian home.

Best White Mini Fridge

Model NameC22
Capacity22 Liters / 23 Quarts
Dimensions23.5 x 12.6 x 13.2 inches
Weight24.25 Pounds
Power12/24V DC

The Alpicool C22 Portable Fridge is an excellent option for those seeking a portable fridge/freezer. Whether you’re planning a picnic in the park or embarking on a months-long camping trip, the Alpicool C22 is the perfect companion for outdoor travel.

It is designed to keep your food fresh and your drinks cold throughout the day. It can be easily powered by a 12V or 24V car battery, making it ideal for enjoying an amazing adventure. Go for Alpicool C22 and let’s embark on an unforgettable journey!

Mini Fridge White Alpicool

Main Features

  • Capable of freezing down to -4°F (-20°C) for effective car refrigeration.
  • Features portable handles on both sides for easy transportation.
  • Designed to be vibration resistant, ensuring device safety while driving.
  • Includes a digital control panel to adjust the desired temperature.
  • Utilizes a high-efficiency compressor with adjustable ECO and HH modes.
  • Perfect for trucks, cars, RV, and works well with solar systems.
  • Equipped with a 3-stage car battery protection system to prevent battery drainage.
  • Can safely operate at angles up to 45° from horizontal, making it suitable for 4WDing.
  • LCD display panel with a USB socket for convenient mobile device charging, an ice cube tray, and a built-in LED light.

Buyer Guide

If you are looking for a beautiful mini fridge that can operate even on uneven surfaces (45° from horizontally), go for it. Moreover, its 3-stage battery protection prevents the battery to drain.

White Mini Fridge For Bedroom

Capacity10 Liters
Dimensions25.4D x 29W x 34H centimetres
Weight3.8 Kg
Warranty1 Year

The Infinity-10L Cooler/Warmer Mini Fridge is a compact unit that combines efficiency, durability, and stylish design. With its efficient cooling system, the Infinity-10L Mini Fridge ensures that your beverages and food stay cool and refreshing, even in hot weather conditions.

It is capable of maintaining a low temperature to keep your items fresh and of good quality. Moreover, the Mini Fridge also serves as a convenient warmer, allowing you to heat up food or keep it warm when needed. This feature makes it ideal for bedrooms.

White Mini Fridge Cooluli

Main Features

Customizable Storage: The Infinity-10L Cooler/Warmer Mini Fridge offers flexibility with its two adjustable and removable shelves, allowing you to organize the interior space according to your needs.

Secure and Protective Design: The mini fridge features a spring lock on the door handle, ensuring that the contents remain secure during transportation or when not in use.

Easy Accessibility: The easy-to-open-and-close door of the Infinity-10L Mini Fridge enhances your convenience to access stored items without any hassle or frustration.

Dual Power Options: The mini fridge comes equipped with both AC and DC power cords, allowing you to power it from standard household outlets (AC) or vehicle power outlets (DC).

Durability: The Infinity-10L Mini Fridge is crafted with high-quality materials such as aluminum, plastic, and tempered glass. These materials contribute to its durability and longevity

Buyer Guide

If you need to buy a stylish white mini fridge to use in your bedroom as well as outside, this item with dual power options (AC and DC) is for you!

White Mini Fridge Skincare

White Mini Fridge Australia
Capacity4 Liters
Dimensions13.5D x 14W x 20.5H centimeters
Weight4.49 Pounds

The AstroAI mini fridge is a compact and versatile refrigerator designed to store a wide range of items, including foods, drinks, and snacks, Its small size makes it suitable for use in various settings, such as bedrooms, offices, dormitories, travel, boating, camping, and more. It is also an excellent option for individuals who require a dedicated space for storing breast milk or keeping makeup and skincare products cool, preserving their effectiveness and freshness.

White Mini Fridge Australia AstroAI

Main Features

Ample Storage Capacity: The AstroAI mini fridge boasts a generous 4-liter capacity, providing ample space to accommodate up to 6 cans or 12 oz beverages.

AC/DC Adapters: You can connect it to a home outlet (100-120V) or a car power supply (12V).

Environment Friendly: This fridge has a Semiconductor refrigeration chip that is free of freon. This technology makes this fridge environment-friendly.

Dual Temperature Capability: The mini fridge offers the convenience of both cooling and warming functions. With its cooling capability, it can lower the temperature inside the fridge to a range of 32-40℉ (18-22℃) below the ambient temperature and can raise the temperature inside the unit to a maximum of 150°F (66°C)

Buyer Guide

If you are looking for an environment-friendly mini fridge at an affordable price to keep your essential items cool/warm and protected, this is the right choice for you. Besides, it operates on both AC and DC power options and allows dual temperature settings.

The Final Thought

The white mini fridge is designed specifically for Australian households. Especially for those seeking a reliable cooling solution in a limited space. We hope the choices above will help you to select the best option.

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