Mini Bar Fridge

Mini Bar Fridge in Australia

The mini bar fridge is space-saving, portable, energy-efficient, and allows you to control temperature and noise levels. However, finding the best option is time taking task. Don’t worry, we are here to save you time. Just stay stick to this guide till the end!

Best Mini Bar Fridge Schmick

Mini Bar Fridge
Capacity100 Cans (375ml)
Dimensions50 x 47 x 85 cm
Weight48 Kg

This durable mini bar fridge is suitable for indoor or undercover alfresco use and is ideal for budget-conscious individuals who are unable to afford fully outdoor built-in models. Designed for outdoor alfresco areas in Australia.

Moreover, this tropical-rated bar fridge features a triple-glazed low E stainless steel door with a lock and LED strip lights. The shelving structure can accommodate over 100 375ml cans, providing ample storage space.

Mini Bar Fridge Schmick

Main Features

  • Unique inner fan system
  • Ensures even and stable cooling by forcing air over the evaporator plate
  • Self-closing lockable doors, a great feature

Buyer Guide

If you want to serve your friends a large number of cans of their choice in alfresco areas in Australia, this fridge provides the best solution.

Mini Bar Fridge Glass Door 70L

Capacity70 Liters
Dimensions43D x 47W x 68H centimeters
Weight62.65 Kg
Warranty1 Year

The portable Devanti Mini Bar Fridge Glass Door is a space-saving solution for chilling food and beverages. It offers five temperature settings, adjustable shelves, a double-glazed door, and height-adjustable feet.

With eco-friendly features like R600a freon-free refrigerant, it ensures smooth and quiet operation. The refrigerator incorporates durable components like a PVC door seal gasket, enhanced insulation with increased thickness, and an integrated LED lamp.

Whether used as a secondary or primary fridge, the Devanti bar fridge is a reliable and worthwhile investment.

Mini Bar Fridge Glass Door Devanti

Main Features

Portable: The compact Bar Fridge efficiently keeps beverages and food chilled without occupying excessive space.

5 Temperature Settings: The energy-efficient bar fridge is designed with five temperature settings, allowing you to easily customize and maintain your desired level of coolness and freshness.

Double Glazed Door: The enhanced door combines strength, reliability, and aesthetic appeal.

Eco-Friendly: The compact bar fridge is eco-friendly, utilizing R600a freon-free refrigerant, and is designed for robust and durable performance.

Extra Thick Insulation: Thicker insulation provides enhanced cooling efficiency and energy savings.

Height adjustable feet: Customize the fridge’s height for a perfect fit in any space.

Adjustable shelves: Easily modify the fridge’s interior layout to accommodate items of various sizes.

Built-in LED lamp: Illuminate the fridge’s interior for clear visibility.

Energy saving: Designed with energy-efficient features to reduce power consumption and save on electricity costs.

Buyer Guide

If you are looking for a portable, energy-saving, and eco-friendly mini fridge with multiple temperature settings according to your need, grab this product from Devanti.

Bar Fridge Mini 90L

Bar Fridge Mini
Capacity90 Liters
Dimensions45D x 46W x 82H centimetres
Weight95 Kg
Power12V, 24V or 240V
Warranty1 Year

Our energy-efficient Bar Fridge Mini with a 72W compressor consumes minimal power, providing approximately 1.7kWh per 24 hours of use. The built-in battery charging protection safeguards the car battery when using DC power.

This protection stops charging on reaching a voltage below 10.2V. Furthermore, the unit includes a built-in lock to secure the door during rough travels.

Bar Fridge Mini Glacio

Main Features

Robust and long-lasting compressor: 72W compressor consumes little energy. So, it can work on 1.7kWh to ensure 24 hours of use.

Low power consumption: The 72W compressor is highly energy-efficient, using only about 1.7kWh over 24 hours.

Noise Level:  20-45dB will not disturb you or your sleep.

Ample Storage Space: The fridge offers a generous 90L storage capacity (70L fridge, 20L freezer), featuring a separate freezer compartment, transparent crisper drawer, egg holder, and adjustable temperature control for organized and versatile food storage.

Adjustable feet: It offer to level and stabilize the fridge on uneven surfaces, ensuring proper functioning.

Automatic cut-off system: The battery’s built-in charge safety prevents overcharging if the DC power source’s voltage drops below 10.2V, keeping the vehicle battery safe while operating on DC power.

Built-in lock: Finally, a lock is included inside the device to keep the door shut during rough travel.

Buyer Guide

If you need a quiet mini fridge with ample space to keep most of your beverages and other eatables fresh in the compact space of your home, it’s for you. Moreover, its overload protection system will keep it safe from the fluctuation of electricity.

Mini Bar Fridge With Freezer 90L

Capacity90 Liters
Chiller Compartment Capacity26.5 Liters
Dimensions51.5D x 55W x 74H centimetres
Warranty1 Year

The 90L Mini Bar Fridge With Freezer has modern aesthetics with advanced refrigeration technology, providing efficient cold food storage while prioritizing environmental sustainability. Its stylish and streamlined design complements any home and harmonizes with diverse interior decor styles.

Mini Bar Fridge With Freezer Advwin

Main Features

7 Temperature Controls: Advwin mini refrigerator features 7 temperature settings for year-round versatility.

Easy-to-clean removable door seal

Super Quite: Ultra-quiet operation below 40dB, surpassing market competitors and satisfying customers seeking a silent experience.

Removable slide-out glass shelf enhances storage organization flexibility.

Separate drawer for fruit and vegetable organization.

Adjustable legs for accommodating uneven surfaces.

Food-grade PP material is used for the interior of the fridge, ensuring safety and odor-free storage.

Enhanced insulation system minimizes cool air loss, improving refrigeration efficiency.

Buyer Guide

If you are looking for a mini bar fridge with a separate freezer drawer to organize your favorite eatables for easy access. It is the perfect option for you.

Besides, it is lightweight and made with strong moldable PP material to ensure the freshness of fridge contents for a longer time.

Mini Bar Fridge: FAQ’s

Food compartments in small fridges typically include drawers for fruits and vegetables, while mini bars fridges primarily allocate space for drinks.

The monthly operating expenses for a bar fridge range from $4 to $5. A 150-liter bar fridge has running costs of only $0.008 per hour, while a larger 650-liter fridge averages $0.019 per hour.

Yes, the mini bar fridge needs ventilation. Proper air circulation is essential for the units, allowing warm air to be vented out from the front instead of being drawn back into the cool air inlet. Insufficient ventilation can cause the fridge to exert more effort, shorten its lifespan, and result in higher energy consumption.

A good size for a bar fridge is a smaller volume model with a 42-liter capacity. However, if you require ample cold storage space, consider opting for a higher-volume appliance, such as a 190-liter bar fridge.


We hope the guide above helped you choose the best mini bar fridge. However, we recommend you go through the specification before buying and go for the one that meets your needs and fits your budget.

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