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Husky Mini Fridge in Australia: A Quick Guide

Husky has a strong reputation for innovation in mini fridge technology. This dedication makes them a world leader in the industry of home appliances. Moreover, its products especially, the mini fridge meet the evolving needs of consumers.

Husky mni fridge is manufactured using the materials of best quality and undergoes strict quality control procedures to meet the highest standards. Moreover, consumers worldwide have placed their trust and loyalty in them due to their dedication to innovation, consistent performance, and customer satisfaction.

Husky Mini Fridge 41L

Capacity41 Liters
Dimensions47.5D x 52W x 55H centimeters
Weight18.3 Kg
Energy Consumption250 kWh per year
Warranty3 Years

This Husky Mini Bar Fridge has a classic Black Finish Retro Style that adds vintage charm to any space. With a 46l mini-size, it fits perfectly on benchtops while providing ample space to keep drinks chilled on hot summer days.

The solid door ensures improved insulation, making it highly energy-efficient and reducing energy costs. Despite its small size, this mini-fridge offers in-door storage and a coated shelf for extra storage. Additionally, it comes in two attractive colors, piano black and radiant red, to complement any design.

Husky Mini Fridge 41L

Main Features

  • Refrigerant: R600a/19g
  • Temperature Range: 0 to 10°C
  • Contemporary and fashionable finish
  • Ambient Temperature Level: 16 to 32°C
  • Shelves: Made of white plastic coated wire
  • Feet: Adjustable to place on a slightly uneven surface
  • Enhanced insulation and energy efficiency with a solid door
  • Temperature Control: Mechanical, which is simple and convenient
  • Ideal for indoor settings such as kitchens, bars, cafes, restaurants, or any space used for entertaining purposes.

Buyer Guide

If you are looking for a decent mini fridge with a Temperature Range: of 0 to 10°C for an indoor setting, feel free to go for this.

Coca Cola Husky Mini Fridge 43 L

Capacity43 Liters
Dimensions48D x 44W x 51.9H centimeters
Weight15.2 Kg
Energy Consumption188 kWh per year
Warranty3 Years

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and style this summer with the Coca-Cola Husky small Fridge. Choose from the countertop style in compact form or under counter style in large size. Both are available with either a glass or solid door.

Embrace the classic retro coca style of coca cola. You can serve chilled drinks in style, stored in this legally authorized bar mini fridge bearing the Coca-Cola trademark on it.

Coca Cola Husky Mini Fridge 43L

Main Features

  • Indoor Usage
  • Mechanical Temperature Control
  • Energy Efficient
  • Temperature Range: 0 to 10°C
  • Ambient Temperature Level: 16 to 38°C
  • Can Capacity: 38  375ml-Cans
  • Shelves: 1 metal coated wire
  • Door Hinge Location: Right (reversible)

Buyer Guide

Adopt safety precautions, such as keeping the mini fridge away from heat sources, ensuring proper ventilation around the unit, and avoiding blocking air vents. Clean the interior of this Husky mini bar fridge regularly to keep it hygienic and odor-free.

Final Thought

We hope the article above provides you with all details on the Husky mini fridge. If you still have any question, feel free to drop your message below!

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