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Top 8 Mini Car Fridges in Australia: A Quick Guide

Undoubtedly, a variety of mini car fridges are available in the market. However, finding the best one is a daunting task. To assist you in finding the best option, we are here. Keep reading!

Best Mini Car Fridge 12v

Capacity37 Quart, 47 Quart, 55 Liters
Wattage60 watts
Dimensions27.2 x 13.6 x20.6 inches

This mini car fridge 12v is capable of freezing items without the need for ice, with a powerful chilling down performance of -4°F (-20°C). The temperature can be adjusted to function as either a freezer or a fridge. It is compatible with small solar systems, making it suitable for off-grid use.

The product includes car battery protection with three different levels and a temperature memory function. This prevents the battery from being drained excessively.

Package include: Alpicool CF55 fridge freezer, DC power cord(12/24V) and instruction book

The design of the storage unit is functional, featuring an LCD display and digitized temperature adjustment for easy control. It also comes with a built-in LED light and an internal basket for the organization.

It is available in 3 different sizes. However, the storage space of 55-liter has exterior dimensions of 27.2″ x 13.6″ x 20.6″. It has the ability to hold 60 cans of your favorite beverage.

Moreover, it can safely operate at angles up to 45° from the horizontal, making it suitable for 4WDing. Finally, it features an efficient compressor with adjustable HH and ECO modes for optimal performance.

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The Alpicool CF55 Portable Fridge is a versatile and reliable appliance for outdoor travel. Whether you’re going on a picnic or embarking on a long camping trip, this fridge/freezer is perfect for keeping your food fresh and drinks cold. It can be powered by both 12V and 24V car batteries, making it convenient for use on the go.

Portable Fridge For Car with App Control

Capacity37 Quarts
Dimensions17.36H x 15.75W x 25.47L inches
Weight38.5 Pounds
PowerDC or AC
Warranty 2 Years

Main Features

App Control: With this portable fridge for car, you have the convenience of controlling temperatures, mode settings, and on/off functions right from your phone, ensuring precise adjustments.

Remotely check the temperatures and unit status anytime you need to. The left and right compartments can be controlled separately to meet different needs, with temperature ranges from -4℉ to 68℉.

Additionally, you can remotely lock the digital panel to prevent accidental touches, providing added peace of mind.

Dual Zone: Mini portable 12v fridge features two compartments with independent temperature control. You can adjust it to operate as a fridge/fridge, fridge/freezer, or freezer/freezer. This versatility allows you to cool drinks and chill meat, and more.

Fast Cooling: The refrigerator offers rapid cooling down to 32℉ down to 32℉. You can choose between ECO (45W) and MAX (60W) cooling modes for optimal energy efficiency and cooling performance

Battery Protection: It comes with a 3-level voltage car battery protection feature.

Solar Power Systems can run this refrigerator while you are camping or at home.

LED lighting for enhanced visibility inside the fridge.

Low noise level of 45dB for a quiet operation.

USB port for conveniently charging electronic devices.

Includes a chopping board for cutting food making it an ideal mini fridge for car camping.

Equipped with wheels for easy transportation.

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If you are not concerned about price and looking to control a mini car fridge with the app, and many other advanced features like dual-zone, Solar power, LED lighting, and smooth wheels, this item is for you.

Mini Car Fridge Cooluli

Capacity10 twelve-ounce soda cans
Dimensions29D x 23.9W x 34H centimeters
Weight3.8 Kg
Power12V DC,  110V AC(Adapter)
Warranty1 Year

Main Features

Convenient & Lightweight: The Cooluli Infinity 10-liter thermoelectric warmer/cooler mini fridge offers convenience and lightweight portability, weighing only 7.9 lbs. It measures 9.4″ W x 11.4″ D x 13.4″ H.

 Quick Cooling to Warming: Easily switch between cooling and warming functions with a simple switch.

Ultra Versatile & Functional: The multi-voltage Infinity (AC 100 to 240V and DC 12V) can be used worldwide. It functions as additional storage for food, beverages, breast milk, insulin, skincare products, medications, and other necessary items.

Stylish Design: Featuring a sleek glass front, this mini refrigerator adds style to any setting. It is suitable for use at home, in the nursery, office, dorm room, and during road trips, vacations, and tailgate parties.

Advanced Technology & Warranty: Infinity employs EcoMax Technology for energy efficiency and frost prevention. It is backed by a 1-year warranty. Before using, please refer to the Instruction Manual for guidance.

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If you want to take your cooling machine anywhere, this stylish Cooluli Infinity 10L Thermoelectric Cooler is for you. It comes with glass at the front. You can take Infinity anywhere whether it is at your workplace, school, on a journey, or at a party.

Moreover, advanced EcoMax technology prevents frost and uses minimal energy. In this one unit, you can quickly switch from cooling to heating.

Finally, no refrigerants or Freons are used due to the advanced semiconductor operation of Infinity which makes it 100% environmentally friendly.

Budget-Friendly Mini Car Fridge 4L

Mini Car Fridge 4L
Capacity4 Liters
Dimensions13.5D x 14W x 20.5H centimetres
Weight4.49 Pounds
PowerDC 12V/ AC 100-120V

Main Features

4 Liter Capacity:  Store 6 cans/12oz in this mini fridge for car. Its removable shelf allows for easy separation of small items such as breast milk, skincare products, cosmetics, or food.

Versatile Power Options: This mini portable 12v fridge can be connected to a 100-120V home outlet or a 12V power socket of your car for added convenience.

ECO-Friendly & Quiet Operation: This mini fridge features an eco-friendly semiconductor refrigeration chip, free of freon. Thanks to its quiet technology, operating at just 25dB, you can enjoy peaceful rest without any disturbance.

Cool to Warm: Experience efficient cooling with this mini car fridge warmer, capable of reaching 18-22°C below the surrounding temperature. On the other hand, it can also keep items warm, maintaining temperatures up to 66°C.

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If you have a low budget and need a 5-star energy-saving tiny fridge for your car with a capacity of 4 liters and made of Eco-friendly material, it is for you.

Mini Portable 12v Fridge

Capacity15 Liters
Dimensions9.8H x 22.2W x 12.6L inches
Weight22 Pounds
ConfigurationCompact Internal Freezer
PowerDC 12/24V & 100-240V AC

Main Features

Fridge and Freezer: Its wide temperature range makes it a versatile appliance as both a fridge and freezer. You can keep keeping a variety of items chilled or frozen, including ice cream, drinks, fruits, milk, meat, seafood, beauty products, and much more.

Fast Cooling: Thanks to its powerful compressor, a small car fridge can quickly cool to 32°F (0°C) in just 15 minutes when empty. Within approximately an hour, it reaches its lowest temperature of -4°F (-20°C), ensuring your food and beverages stay refreshingly chilled during your journey.

Energy Saving: Switch between MAX and ECO modes to opt for faster cooling or energy-saving capabilities. In the ECO mode, a mini fridge for a car consumes less than 1 KW.H per day, ensuring efficient and economical usage throughout your trip.

Battery Saving Mode: The three power-saving modes efficiently reduce power consumption to your desired level, effectively maximizing your car’s battery life and ensuring a longer-lasting journey.

USB Port & LED Display: The fridge’s LED display ensures to see items inside even in low light. Additionally, a USB port is provided to charge your mobile or tab while on the go.

Buyer Guide

If you are looking for a mini car fridge that not only freezes your favorite food but also charges your gadgets and saves energy, feel free to buy it.

Mini Fridge For Car And Home

Capacity1.32 Cubic Feet
Dimensions56.9 x 36.58 x 50.04 cm
Weight18.23 Kg
PowerDC 12/24V  AC 90-250V
Warranty1 Year

Main Features

LED Light: Convenient for dark environments.

Drain Plug: Easily accessible for cleaning the inside.

LCD PANEL: Temperature and ECO/MAX Mode selection for easy control.

Compressor Cooling Technology: High-quality brand compressor of this mini fridge for car camping provides fast and deep cooling to -4°F (-20°C).

Accessories: Includes 1 cord for 12/24V DC socket, and cable for 90V to 240V AC that makes it the perfect mini fridge for car and home

Common Temperature Settings: Red wine storage (14°F), Fruit (40°F – 43°F), Beverage (35.6°F – 41°F), Meat (14°F), Ice cream (5°F).

Battery Protection Mode: Three protection functions (H3, H2, and H1) to safeguard the refrigerator and vehicle battery. H2 (medium) is recommended for car use.

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Rest assured about battery drainage as the fridge includes a battery protection feature that also protects the refrigerator too.

Mini Car Fridge Electric 17L

mini car fridge Koolatron
Capacity17 Liters /  18 Quarts.  23 Cans
Dimensions22.2D x 43.8W x 40.6H centimetres
Weight9.6 Pounds
Power110V AC(Adapter), 12V DC(Power Chord) .

Main Features

Space-Saving Design: Designed with a slim profile to fit between the front seats of most minivans, this travel cooler boasts a spacious 18 qt (17L) capacity, accommodating up to 23 cans.

Grasp and Go: Equipped with a convenient one-handed grasp-and-go lid and a durable handle that can be conveniently stowed away when not in use. This portable cooler ensures effortless accessibility and compact storage.

Cord Storage: For hassle-free usage and easy organization, the 12V power cord effortlessly tucks away into the convenient storage compartment, ensuring it remains tangle-free and readily available whenever needed.

how to transport a mini fridge in a car

Easy to Clean: The travel cooler features a durable interior without any seams, ensuring resistance to stains and enabling effortless cleaning with a simple wipe-down once you’re done, leaving your cooler ready for your next adventure!

Energy Efficient: Utilizing thermoelectric technology and a brushless fan motor, this cooler delivers reliable and efficient cooling and warming capabilities while consuming minimal power, even less than your vehicle’s tail light.

Cools and Warms: With the ability to cool down to 40°F (22°C) below ambient temperature and warm up to 140°F (60°C), this travel fridge offers versatile functionality. Switching between cooling and warming modes is as simple as flipping the power cord.

Unlimited Uses: Proudly manufactured in North America, Koolatron’s portable coolers are highly versatile and perfect for a wide range of activities including camping, fishing, road trips, picnics, and many other adventures.

Performance Review

The advanced thermoelectric technology of this Canadian product offers both warmer and cooling functions in one unit. Its size is so small and slim that it can fit between the car’s front seats. The movement of the vehicle won’t affect the warmth and coolness of whatever you would keep inside.

Guidelines to Use: The cooling function of the refrigerator maintains a temperature approximately 20 degrees lower than the room temperature, with a minimum temperature drop of 2-4 degrees. It is important to avoid freezing items or storing frozen food, such as ice cream, in the refrigerator. Additionally, the refrigerator includes a cooling fan that generates a slight sound of around 30 decibels while in operation.

Car Mini Fridge 15L

car mini fridge
Capacity15 Liters
Dimensions46.5L x 25W x 29.5H centimeters
Weight5 Kg
Power12V DC

More Features

  • Type: semiconductor car refrigerator, Color: Brown
  • Volume: 15L (8 glass beer bottles 500ml, 11-12 mineral water bottles 596ml or, 22 cans of 330ML)
  • Refrigeration temperature: approximately 20 degrees below the temperature in the room,
  • (with a possible variation of 2 to 4 degrees below that)
  • Heating temperature: 65 ( °C)
  • Applicable models: for all models
  • Material: High-quality ABS shell, all aluminum liner.High
  • Dual Use: Combined for both cold and warm,
  • Application: Camping on picnics, car trips, taxi driver use, fishing, refrigerated cosmetics and medicine, chilled milk.

Buyer Guide

While you are on the go, a mini fridge with you can be a great way to keep your snacks and drinks cold. This model of mini fridge can fit in all types of cars. It has a beverage buckle outside the fridge, so it can be used as a food table for drinks. Its user-friendly design makes the journey more convenient.

What car has a mini fridge?

The top 5 latest cars have a mini fridge:

  • Ford Flex
  • Bentley Mulsanne
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Volvo XC90 Excellence

Mini Car Fridge: FAQs

Yes, you can put a mini fridge in your car. Like Alpicool mini fridge is specifically designed for the car. It comes with a 3-stage car battery protection system. Both side Handles make it convenient to move it. Moreover, it is vibration resistant, to ensure the safety of the fridge while driving on the road.

The mini fridge last on a car battery for around 18 hours before you risk being unable to start your vehicle. You should know that fridges typically use 4.5A at 12V. Due to thermostatic control, the compressor will only operate roughly a quarter of the time.

For optimal performance, it’s crucial to have proper ventilation on the sides and top of the compressor, along with a fan to disperse the hot air it generates. If possible, consider leaving your vehicle windows down or keeping the fridge box open (in the case of a camper trailer installation) to facilitate the escape of heat and maintain a safe environment.

Yes, the mini fridge will drain my car battery in certain conditions. For instance, connecting the mini fridge to the car’s 12v cigarette lighter socket will allow it to function while the engine is on, but will cause it to deplete the battery if the engine is shut off.

Yes, car refrigerators are safe. Unlike standard refrigerators, mini refrigerators get their electricity from the car’s cigarette lighter. Car refrigerators have extremely low power usage compared to standard domestic refrigerators that need a 220V power source.

Wrapping Up!

We hope the above guide helps you to find the best mini car fridge. However, we recommend you go for it according to your budget and preferences.

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