Coffee Table with Mini Fridge

Smart Table with Mini Fridge in Australia

Do you want a coffee table that can keep your beverages cold, play your favorite tunes, and charge your devices? If that’s the case, the smart coffee table with mini fridge and speakers might capture your interest.

Whether you want to chill out with a cold drink, listen to some music, or work on your laptop, the smart coffee table with an in-built fridge and speakers can make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Best Coffee Table with Mini Fridge Australia

Capacity130 Liters
Dimensions130 x 66.5 x 45.9 Cm
Weight58 Kg
Wireless Charging Ports2
Temp. Range3℃ to 12℃  (37℉ to 53.6℉)

Add a modern touch to your living room with this Smart Coffee Table With Fridge that can blend in with any furniture style in your home. This coffee table has a drawer that is divided into two zones and is refrigerated.

Drinks and snacks can be stored in it to keep them cool. This coffee table is the perfect way to add style and functionality to your living room, no matter what the occasion. It comes equipped with dual Bluetooth speakers and LED lights on the bottom.

The simple and stylish design makes integrating into different settings such as your home, business, hotel, theater, and more easy.

Smart Coffee Table With Fridge Australia ZHANGTAOLF

Main Features

Design Style: The design style of this mini coffee fridge is modern. It has a sleek and simple design that can easily blend in with any furniture style in your home.

Material: Metal

Direct cooling Method: This method is more efficient and can cool the air more quickly.

Smartphone wireless charging point: Place your smartphone on the charging point and it will charge it wirelessly.

Bluetooth music player: You can use this device to stream music from your Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as your smartphone or tablet.

LED Ambient Lights with Sensor: These lights enhance the beauty of this state-of-the-art fridge. The LED lights synchronize their movements with the music’s rhythm and are the best choice for parties.

Super Charging Station: Smart Fridge Coffee Table features 15W wireless charging, dual USB-A, and USB-C ports, and a safety switch. It conveniently charges your mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices.

Bluetooth Speakers: Dual 20W Bluetooth speakers provide incredible stereo sound and deep bass, perfect for enjoying music with friends.

Buyer Guide

If you are looking for a stylish coffee table with a mini fridge, it is for you. It will be a beautiful addition to your furniture. Moreover, it will save space for other gadgets in your room.

Smart Coffee Table With Fridge and Speakers

Smart Coffee Table With Fridge And Speakers
Capacity80 Liters
Dimensions70 x 70 xx60 centimeters
Weight40 Kg
Temp. Range1°-12 °C

This Smart Coffee Table with Fridge and Speakers is a practical and stylish addition to any bedroom. It can hold magazines, mobile phones, and other items, making it a convenient way to keep your belongings organized and within reach.

The fridge is also beautifully designed, with its stylish and contemporary appearance, it will enhance the aesthetic of any decor. The standout feature of this product is its practicality and aesthetics. It serves as a functional piece of furniture that also looks great, making it a must-have for any stylish bedroom.

mini fridge wireless control

Main Features

Smart temperature control: Mini fridge of this coffee table is equipped with a high-quality compressor that precisely regulates the temperature within the cabinet from 1-12° C. This makes it suitable for you to store different items in the fridge according to your need.

Bluetooth Speakers: Experience premium audio quality with the integrated Bluetooth speakers in this coffee table. without the need for separate speakers.

Wireless Charging: It features wireless charging capability. You can charge your mobile phone, smartwatch, or other gadgets that support wireless charging.

Low Noise Operation of the mini fridge will provide peace and quiet, especially for light sleepers. This makes it an ideal addition to your bedroom or study room.

 Mobile Wheel Design: The wheels underneath the coffee table allow you to move it around your living room. It will not only protect your floor but make it easy to clean the floor.

Buyer Guide

If you are looking for a smart coffee table with mini fridge having wheels you can move this anywhere in your home easily and have fun, go for it!

Smart Coffee Table Mini Fridge

Dimensions22.8″ x 43.1″ x 22.8″ Inches
Daily Power Consumption0.38KW.h/24h, and
only 60 cents a day
Wireless Charging Desktop Ports2
Temperature Range3℃ to 12℃  (37℉ to 53.6℉)

Smart Coffee Table Mini Fridge with a built-in refrigerator is a versatile piece of furniture suitable for both living rooms and bedrooms. It offers the convenience of a refrigerator right at your fingertips, allowing you to keep refreshments easily accessible.

In addition to its cooling capabilities, this smart table features a wireless charger, enabling effortless charging of compatible devices. With a USB interface, you can also connect and charge your devices using USB cables.

You can adjust the cooling settings by the temperature control function to meet your specific needs. This smart coffee table combines functionality and modern technology, making it a perfect choice for those seeking convenience and connectivity in their living spaces.

Smart Coffee Table Mini Fridge ZHANGTAOLF

Main Features

Built-in Refrigerator: The smart coffee table (22x11x7) has a built-in fridge to keep drinks cold for days. It also includes 2 extra drawers for storing remote controls, video game controllers, cords, and other living room essentials.

Perfect Party Coffee Table: The Smart Coffee Table with Refrigerator features a Bluetooth speaker for better sound quality and bass, along with glowing LEDs at the bottom to create the perfect ambiance. Control it easily from your desktop without the need to download any apps. It’s incredibly simple and convenient.

Adjustable cooling temperature: Mini fridge of this coffee table is equipped with a high-quality compressor, allowing for precise temperature control. The temperature can be adjusted between 3-12°C according to specific needs.

USB Charging Station: The smart coffee table doubles as a charging station, equipped with a USB charging port and socket. Easily charge your tablet, phone, laptop, or any other accessory. When you’re finished, neatly store away the cords in the storage drawer for a clutter-free look.

Smart Controls: It also has built-in touch controls for easy access. Adjust the refrigerator temperature, time, LED color and brightness, volume, Bluetooth, playback, and more right at your fingertips.

Energy Saving: This mini refrigerator has an average daily power consumption of only 0.38KW.h/24h, costing just 60 cents per day.

Suitable for Many Occasions: This smart coffee table with a built-in refrigerator is versatile and suitable for various settings. Its simple and stylish appearance allows for easy integration into different occasions, including homes, businesses, hotels, theaters, and more.

Buyer Guide

If you are looking for an ultimate smart coffee fridge table that is not only energy efficient but also the perfect partner for your party, opt for this option. It can play your favorite music in high-quality sound, and create a perfect party atmosphere with its LED lights.

Smart Fridge Coffee Table

Capacity135 Liters
Dimensions50.7 x 27.5 x 18 Inches
Weight58 Kg
Wireless Charging15W

This Smart Fridge Coffee Table is a modern and multifunctional piece of furniture that enhances your living room experience. With its built-in fridge, powerful speakers, wireless charging capability, and convenient USB ports and outlets, it brings both practicality and entertainment to your space.

Additionally, the table is equipped with RGB lights located above the drawer, which synchronize and dance with the rhythm of the music, making it an ideal choice to elevate the ambiance of your party.

Smart Fridge Coffee Table ZHANGTAOLF

Main Features

Digital Temperature Control: The digital panel on the mini fridge makes it easy to set the temperature. The range of the temperature is from 37°F to 54°F. This feature enables you to adjust the temperature according to your preference. The digital display shows the fridge’s current temperature.

Super Charging Station: The Smart Coffee Table serves as a versatile charging station with various connectivity options. It features a 15W wireless charging pad, dual USB-A ports, a USB-C port, and dual power sockets at the back.

With the added safety switch, it provides a convenient and secure way to charge your phone, laptop, tablet, and other devices effortlessly.

Multi-Functional Table: The cooling drawers come with a top sliding box, offering users enhanced storage flexibility. Each drawer also includes two partitions in the middle, making it convenient for organizing and separating food items within the drawer.

Quiet Operation: This mini fridge operates with exceptional silence, ensuring an ultra-quiet performance while running (36dB)

Easy to Clean: Say goodbye to the hassle of using coasters with the smart coffee table featuring a durable tempered glass top that is easy to clean. Additionally, the table includes a removable drawer, adding convenience to your cleaning routine.

Buyer Guide

If you are looking for a multifunctional and ultra-quiet coffee table with digital temperature control, and RGB lighting, feel free to buy it. Besides, it can charge your gadgets in no time.

Coffee Table with Mini Fridge: FAQs

Rectangular or oval coffee tables are well-suited for compact spaces such as smaller rooms. Moreover, when it comes to safety around children, round or oval tables are preferable due to their lack of sharp corners.

Coffee tables and side tables, though sometimes used interchangeably, differ primarily in their height. A coffee table is typically low and long, placed in front of a sofa or a group of armchairs. However, a side table is commonly positioned next to the arm of a seat.

Regardless of the material used, whether it be concrete, wood, glass, or Lucite, a large coffee table has the potential to create an illusion of a larger room. Transparent materials, in particular, provide translucency, giving the impression of more space within the room.


We hope now you can choose the best smart coffee table with a mini fridge that brings both style and versatility to any space. Moreover, it keeps beverages cold, offers storage, and includes convenient features like touch controls and a Bluetooth speaker. Finally, its efficient power consumption and precise temperature control make it an innovative choice for modern living.

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