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Solar Powered Mini Fridge in Australia

If you’re looking to take full advantage of a solar system and looking for Solar powered mini fridge to keep your food, drinks, and other essentials at the required temperature while you’re on the go.

Whether you’re camping, RVing, or just spending a day at the beach, this fridge will keep your essentials cool and refreshing. Solar-powered mini-fridges use renewable energy, which is a great way to save money on your energy bills.

Best Solar Powered Mini Fridge

Capacity35 Liters
Dimensions27.2 x 13.6 x15 inches
Weight28 Pounds
Power12/24V DC

Whether you’re picnicking at the park or embarking on a months-long camping adventure, the Alpicool CF35 Portable Fridge is a must-have for keeping your food fresh and drinks cold throughout the day. It also works seamlessly with small solar systems. This implies that you can power the fridge using solar energy.

The Alpicool CF35 Portable Fridge is perfect for keeping beer cool on outdoor trips and preserving food in a freezer while away. It is a great option for people who need a portable fridge/freezer.

Mini Fridge Small Solar System Alpicool

Main Features

  • Portable handles for convenient transportation.
  • Capable of reaching temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C).
  • Equipped with a 3-stage car battery protection system to prevent drainage.
  • Vibration-resistant design for enhanced durability while on the road.
  • Powered by Solar System or 12/24V DC car battery, offering versatile usage.
  • LCD display, LED light, and internal basket are included in the portable fridge.
  • Safe to use at angles up to 45° from horizontal, suitable for various terrains.
  • Digital control panel with electronic temperature control for precise settings.
  • High-efficiency compressor with adjustable ECO and HH modes for optimal performance.

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If you are traveling off the road on rough terrain, this mini fridge is perfect for you. A small solar system can power this portable fridge too. Running a mini fridge on solar power is now easy.

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Solar Mini Fridge 40L

Capacity40 Liters
Dimensions57.5 x 36.5 x 42 centimeters
Weight15.8 Kg

This premium quality mini fridge can be powered by a small solar system that cools down contents very quickly. It also offers car battery protection and sufficient storage space. The details of its features is given below.

Solar Mini Fridge Alpicool

Main Features

Solar system compatibility: This solar mini fridge works seamlessly with small solar systems, providing reliable cooling even in off-grid locations.

Deep chilling performance: Achieves a freezing temperature of -4°F(-20°C) without the need for ice, serving as both a fridge and freezer.

Car battery protection: Features temperature memory function and three levels of battery protection (Low, Med, High) to prevent draining your vehicle’s battery.

Ample storage space: With exterior dimensions of 22.6″ x 14.4″ x 16.5″ and a capacity of 42 Quart (40 Liter), it can accommodate up to 54 cans of cola or store items like fruit, meat, and ice cream while keeping them fresh.

Premium build quality: Constructed with a stainless steel case, reinforced corners for protection, and a durable handle for easy transportation.

Faster cooling: Utilizes intelligent compressor cooling technology that can cool from 77℉(25℃) to 32℉(0℃) in just 30 minutes. Offers adjustable cooling modes – MAX for rapid cooling and ECO for energy-saving operation.

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If you are looking for the best Solar powered fridge camping that offers call battery protection and ample capacity, this product is for you.

Mini Solar Fridge 9L

Mini Fridge Solar
Capacity9 Liters
Dimensions16.72 x 12.6 x 9.8 inches
Freezing Temperature-4°F(-20°C)
Power12/24V DC

The Alpicool C9 Portable Fridge can be powered up with a small solar system and is ideal for outdoor adventures. Whether you’re off to the park for a picnic or embarking on a months-long camping trip, This Solar powered fridge freezer keeps your food fresh and drinks cold. It’s the perfect portable appliance for those who value reliable refrigeration on the go.

Mini Fridge Solar Alpicool

Main Features

Ice-free freezing: Achieves a deep chilling performance of -4°F(-20°C) without the need for ice, serving as both a fridge and freezer.

Compact storage space: This mini solar fridge has a capacity of 10 Quarts (9 Liters), fitting up to 8 bottles of 18oz water.

Car battery protection: Includes a temperature memory function and three levels of battery protection (Low, Med, High) to safeguard your vehicle’s battery from draining.

Enhanced design: Features a new LCD display panel with a USB socket for convenient mobile device charging.

Reliable cooling and freshness: Constructed with reliable sealing properties and thick, high-density foam insulation, ensuring continuous cooling performance throughout your journey. Offers energy-saving capabilities for a fresh and efficient experience.

USB Port: It comes with a USB port. So, you can charge your phone easily.

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If you are looking for a mini solar fridge that can be powered by a solar system and has a USB port at the LCD panel to charge the mobile, it’s a perfect option for you!

What size solar panel to run a camping fridge?

To determine solar panel size (Watts) to run a mini fridge, follow the below steps

StepDescriptionExample (Numbers can be adjusted)
1Find the power consumption of the mini fridge100 watts
2Estimate the daily energy consumption100 W * 8 hours = 800 Wh
3Account for energy losses (multiply by a factor of 1.25)800 Wh * 1.25 = 1000 Wh
4Consider sunlight availability (average daily hours)5 hours
5Calculate the required solar panel capacity1000 Wh / 5 hours = 200 watts

According to this table, for a mini fridge with a power consumption of 100 watts running for 8 hours a day, and considering energy losses and an average of 5 hours of sunlight, you would need solar panels with a capacity of approximately 200 watts to power the mini-fridge. Remember to adjust the values in the table based on your specific requirements.

Solar Powered Mini Fridge: FAQ’s

To run a mini fridge you need the following size solar generator:

  • Running Watts: 50-100 Watts
  • Starting Watts: 200-400 Watts

Yes, you can run a mini fridge on solar. For running a 12V mini fridge, a solar panel setup of 100 to 200 watts is typically sufficient. This power capacity can keep your fridge operational during short camping, RVing, and boating trips.

Moreover, you should know that to create a solar array of this size, the simplest option is to purchase either a 100W or 200W solar panel kit.

To run a small refrigerator, you typically need around three or four average-sized solar panels. Moreover, the average fridge consumes approximately 57 kWh per month.

While a 100-watt solar panel can temporarily power a fridge, it requires a battery to do so. However, solely relying on a 100-watt solar panel is generally insufficient to generate the necessary daily power for maintaining consistent refrigeration and keeping your food cold.

The Final Thought

Solar powered mini fridge is a revolutionary and sustainable solution for portable refrigeration. It offers the convenience of cooling on the go while reducing reliance on traditional power sources.

With its compact size and compatibility with small solar systems, it provides eco-friendly and efficient refrigeration wherever you need it. So, now you can embrace the power of the sun and enjoy chilled refreshments without compromising on sustainability or convenience.

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