BougeRV Mini Fridge

BougeRV Mini Fridge Review: Best Options in Australia

BougeRV mini fridges come equipped with an intelligent battery monitoring system to keep your food fresh and give you peace of mind during travel. To discover more ways to enhance your adventures, let’s check available options in Australia!

Best BougeRV Mini Fridge 30 Quart

Capacity30 Liters
Dimensions32D x 35W x 39.5H centimetres
Weight10.16 Kg
Power12&24V DC / 110~240V AC
Warranty2 Years

Main Features

Energy Consumption: Under 45W on ECO mode, Less than 1kWh/day on MAX mode with Smart Cycling

Low Noise Operation: Truck freezer designed at 45dB for peaceful sleep after long drives.

The shock-proof design ensures optimal performance on off-road trips with up to 30° incline.

3-Level Battery Monitor for setting preferred voltage and preventing excessive vehicle battery drain.

Fast Cooling: Utilizing Compressor refrigeration technology, the freezer rapidly cools from 77℉ to 32℉ in 16 minutes and to -5℉ in 50 minutes.

Buyer Guide

If you are not concerned with price and want to make your travel a breeze, BougeRV’s 30 Quart Fridge is a must-have companion. It is durable and efficient, and it will enhance your experience. Also, check out the BougeRV fridge manual to know tip, trouble cause, and solutions.

BougeRV Portable Fridge/Freezer

BougeRV Portable Fridge/Freezer
Capacity‎42 Quarts
Dimensions43.99H x 34.01W x 57L centimeters
Power12V & 24V DC / 110~240V AC
Warranty2 Years

Main Features

Sustained Cooling: Bougerv Portable Fridge/Freezer can store food for week-long trips from temperature -4°F to 50°F.

Fast Cooling: This 12V car freezer employs Compressor tech for quick cooling: 15 mins from 77℉ to 32℉, 60 mins to -4℉. Keep food fresh, no ice needed, saves money and space.

Low Power Consumption: Using ECO mode, this 42 Quart car fridge operates under 45W. Even on MAX mode, it consumes < 1kwh/day with smart cycling.

Use 12/24 V DC power in SUVs, trucks, RVs, and more for this car fridge.

Low Noise(45dB): Truck freezer’s quiet design ensures restful sleep after long drives.

Battery drain prevention through the battery monitor function with 3 levels.

Buyer Guide

If you are looking for an efficient, quiet, and battery-conscious appliance, BougeRV mini fridge is your perfect journey companion.

Where is BougeRV located?

The Bougerv is located in California, United States.

Is the BougeRV fridge battery available in Australia?

Currently, the BougeRV fridge battery is not available in Australia. However, contact the BougeRV brand directly for further information.

Can I download the BougeRV app?

Yes, click here to download BougeRV app.

BougeRV Mini Fridge Amazon: FAQs

A 12V mini fridge doesn’t use excessive power rather it consumes around 2 to 6 amps when operational, cycling on and off to uphold the desired temperature. Consequently, they consume considerably less energy than standard household refrigerators.

Here’s how the 12V mini fridge works: Passing an electric current through distinct metals transfers heat between them. Similar to a compressor and gas refrigerant, it extracts heat from the surroundings, thus cooling the interior.

Yes, you can leave a mini fridge plugged in for a long time because continuous operation is acceptable. The only instance you’d unplug is for freezer defrosting and cleaning.

Wrapping Up

BougeRv mini fridge is a must-have for adventurers. Its compact design, efficient cooling, and user-friendly features ensure fresh provisions on your journeys. Elevate your travel with this compact powerhouse.

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