Glass Door Mini Fridge

Glass Door Mini Fridge in Australia

Glass Door Mini Fridge is a stylish and functional appliance that combines convenience with a modern design. With its compact size and sleek glass door, it offers a unique and elegant way to store and display your favorite beverages and snacks.

The glass door not only adds a touch of sophistication to any space but also allows you to easily see the contents of the fridge without opening it.

Best Glass Door Mini Fridge 95L

Mini Fridge Glass Door
Capacity95 Liters
Dimensions18W × 17. 9L × 27.6H Inches
Weight20.5 Kg

This small refrigerator is a versatile and compact appliance perfect for any living room or mini bar setup. With its sleek black frame and glass door, it adds a touch of elegance to the space.

This mini fridge offers a spacious interior with a capacity of 95 liters. So, it allows you to store a variety of beverages conveniently. The freezer compartment enables you to keep frozen items alongside chilled drinks, providing flexibility for your storage needs.

Mini Fridge Glass Door XYSQWZ

Main Features

Double temperature zone storage: The top zone is designed for freezing items like ice cream and meat. Whereas the bottom zone is for refrigeration. With six adjustable temperature settings, it’s suitable for storing a variety of drinks. Interestingly, it comes with a built-in ice-making feature.

Four-Layer Interior Design allows for organized storage without any confusion. The top two layers are ideal for items like soda water and small containers. The bottom shelf is suitable for both small and tall bottles and containers.

High-Density Foam Injection Cabinet Mold: The cabinet of the Mini Fridge is crafted using a density foam injection mold, ensuring durability and sturdiness. The door is constructed from top-quality tempered glass.

Energy Efficient and Low Noise Operation: With its A+ rated energy consumption, the Mini Fridge boasts the lowest energy consumption in its class. With a super low noise output of only 37dB, the Mini Fridge is suitable for use in various rooms such as the home bar, bedroom, or office.

Built-in LED Light: The LED light in the mini-fridge illuminates the interior. Besides, it enhances visibility and facilitates the identification of items stored.

Buyer Guide

If you are looking for a glass door mini fridge to keep your drinks chilled and to make ice, go for it. Its double temperature zones and the ice-making feature will solve your problem.

Glass Door Bar Fridge Australia 70L

Capacity70 Liters
Dimensions43D x 47W x 68H centimetres
Fridge temperature range0°C – 12°C
Warranty1 Year

The compact Devanti Bar Fridge is perfect for chilling and cooling a variety of food and beverages. It occupies minimal space. Moreover, it provides a selection of five temperature settings enabling you to choose the desired temperature. It helps you to maintain your preferred level of coolness and freshness efficiently.

Glass Door Mini Fridge Devanti

Main Features

Portable: This glass-door mini bar fridge efficiently maintains the coolness of food and beverages. while saving space. You can easily carry it anywhere.

Five Temperature Settings: With its energy-efficient design, the compact refrigerator provides five temperature settings, enabling you to attain the desired level of coolness and freshness.

Double-Glazed Door: The door is not only strong and reliable but also looks great too.

Eco-friendly: This mini fridge utilizes R600a refrigerant that is freon-free. Furthermore, it is constructed to withstand rigorous usage, ensuring durability and longevity.

Extra Thick Insulation: The enhanced insulation provides improved cooling efficiency and energy savings.

Built-In LED Lamp: It illuminates the contents inside the fridge and you can access them easily.

Buyer Guide

If you need an Eco-friendly glass door mini fridge that can keep the content cool for a longer time with extra thick insulation, go for it!

Mini Bar Fridge Glass Door 46L

Capacity65 beverage cans/ 46 Liters
Dimensions44.5D x 46.5W x 49.8H centimetres
Temperature Range4°C to -16°C

The Jodoao Mini Bar Fridge Glass Door is a sleek and stylish beverage refrigerator with a capacity of 46 liters. It is designed to keep your drinks ultra cool and refreshing. Freestanding design allows you to place it in any desired location in your home or office with ease.

The compressor of the beverage refrigerator is so powerful that it generates an evenly chilled environment. Whether you need a mini drink dispenser for your personal use or for entertaining guests, the Jodoao Glass Door Bar Fridge is a reliable and attractive choice.

Mini Bar Fridge Glass Door Jodoao

Main Features

Dual-Pane Glass Door: The strong sealing guarantees a stable temperature for your drinks, while the double-pane glass shields it from light and ambient temperature.

Soft LED Light: In addition to brightening up the room, the gentle purple LED lights ensure a clear view of your drinks inside this mini cooler.

Efficient Cooling System: With its three-dimensional air-cooling cycle system, the drinks cabinet maintains a consistent temperature of ±1 °C in every corner.

No Noise: With a noise level as low as 38dB and minimal vibration, this appliance ensures a quiet operation that won’t disturb the sediment.

Compact Design: It takes little space and can hold 65 beverage cans.

Adjustable Temperature: The touch panel features a rotating temperature button. It enables you to easily set the desired temperature from a range of 4°C to -16°C through 7 custom thermostat settings.

Stainless Steel Adjustable shelves: The sturdy and adjustable racks in this beverage cooler allow you to store cans and bottles of various sizes with ease.

Height Adjustable Feet: The beverage cooler comes with a bottom bracket that can be adjusted for height, ensuring stability even on uneven surfaces.

Buyer Guide

If you are looking for a glass door mini fridge that has the capability of keeping a constant temperature of ±1 °C at each corner of the cans cabinet, it’s for you!

Domestic Glass Door Fridge 46L

Mini Fridge With Glass Door
Capacity46 Liters
Dimensions44.5D x 46W x 49H centimetres

Are you a fan of sodas? How can you guarantee they remain consistently chilled at all times? This fridge provides you the guarantee of keeping your favorite drinks chilled.

Moreover, the freestanding Mini Fridge With Glass Door features a stylish black-framed transparent glass door. So, you can enjoy the constant visual pleasure of your beverages.

Mini Fridge With Glass Door Cobuy

Main Features

Large Capacity: The beverage refrigerator has a spacious storage capacity of 1.6 cubic feet, accommodating up to 60 12-oz. cans. It includes 2 adjustable steel shelves, providing flexibility to store various beverages, including tall bottles, and cans.

Easy Set-Up & Temperature Control: The compact freestanding setup of this appliance removes the necessity for manual mounting.

It features a 7-grade temperature control knob, allowing you to adjust the temperature within a range of 4℃-16℃. With high efficiency and fast refrigeration, it effectively keeps refrigerated items fresh.

Quiet Operation: This appliance provides a quiet environment while being energy-efficient. It incorporates an updated fast cooling system to ensure the optimal taste of snacks and drinks.

Transparent glass door for an elegant and stylish look

Luxurious design with a sophisticated black stainless steel frame

Soft blue backlit LED lighting adds a touch of ambiance

Appropriate for various locations: offices, dormitories, apartments, RVs, restaurants, and home kitchens.

The powerful compressor-based cooling system ensures optimal temperature for all drinks.

High efficiency and rapid refrigeration maintain the freshness of food.

Buyer Guide

If you looking for a large-capacity glass door mini bar fridge that can accommodate 60 cans of 12-oz each for your friends, feel free to buy it.

Mini Fridge Glass Door: FAQs

Glass fridges are good and can be visually appealing in any space. They provide a clear view of all items inside without opening the door, making it convenient for quickly identifying your favorite item. However, they may have slightly lower insulation and require UV protection to maintain food quality.

Glass front fridges may be slightly less efficient compared to solid-door refrigerators due to the reduced insulation properties of glass. The transparent front panel can allow more heat to enter, affecting cooling efficiency and energy consumption. Manufacturers often use special glass coatings or multiple layers to mitigate this issue.

A glass-front refrigerator is generally safe to use but requires some considerations. The tempered glass is impact-resistant but can still break with significant force. Heat insulation and UV protection are important factors to consider, and the visibility of items inside may affect their quality and privacy.

The benefits of a glass door refrigerator include enhanced visibility of contents, making it easier to locate items without opening the door. It adds a modern and stylish aesthetic to any space. Additionally, it can serve as a display case for showcasing products, making it ideal for commercial settings like restaurants or retail stores.


The transparent design of the glass door mini Fridge adds a touch of elegance to any space while creating a sense of openness. Additionally, a glass door mini fridge can serve as an attractive display point for showcasing your favorite beverages and snacks.

The convenience, style, and versatility of a Mini Fridge with a glass door make it a desirable choice for both practical and aesthetic purposes.

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