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Cheap Mini Fridge in Australia: A Quick Guide

Due to high inflation, if you are short of money and looking for Cheap Mini Fridge, you are at the right place. Here we will let you know quality mini-fridges within AU $200 and even with AU $100. And most interestingly, these affordable options have received a good rating on Amazon. Let’s explore this further.

Cheap Mini Fridge Australia 6 Quarts

Cheap Mini Fridge
Capacity6 Quarts
Dimensions27.94 x 38.1 x 20.32 cm
Weight2.49 Kg

The Wagan Tech 12-volt 6-quart personal fridge/warmer maintains the desired temperature of your food and beverages while traveling. It comes in handy when you want to bring leftovers from a restaurant – simply switch it to “warm mode, “ which will quickly heat up your food.

This portable fridge/warmer is a perfect companion for outings to the park, BBQ, sports events, or any situation where you need to maintain the ideal temperature of your items.

Cheap Mini Fridge Wagan

Mini Fridge Cheap: Main Features

Compact Size: The compact 6-quart size of this cooler provides ample storage space for your road trip essentials while occupying the minimum space in your vehicle.

Dual Function: This device offers cooling and warming capabilities with maximum cooling reaching approximately 36°F below the ambient temperature and maximum warming reaching around 140°F.

To expedite the process of achieving the desired temperature, you can pre-chill or pre-heat your items before placing them in the unit.

Quick Tips: To optimize performance, minimize the frequency of opening and closing the cooler, and ensure that the lid is closed properly each time.

Easy To Carry: Its built-in carry strap makes it easy to transport the fridge.

Environment Friendly: This unit is free from CFCs or refrigerants, eliminating any risk of leakage or ozone depletion. Instead, it utilizes thermo-electric cooling, a straightforward process that involves the transfer of electrical current.

Buyer Guide

If you are looking for a compact, environment-friendly, and quality mini fridge at an affordable price. This item is for you!

Cheap Mini fridge with Freezer 24L

mini fridge cheap
Capacity24 Liters
Dimensions38.1D x 29.2W x 40H centimeters
Weight4.48 Kg
Power12V DC

The Koolatron Fun Kool, with its 24L capacity and compact design, is an ideal cooler for day trips, picnics, and festivals. It prioritizes portability, offering a sturdy handle that locks the lid securely and a convenient built-in compartment for cord storage.

The Koolatron Fun Kool thermoelectric cooler excels in ice-retention trials, maintaining frozen ice for an impressive duration of three consecutive days when you use it without power. Consider the exceptional cooling capabilities it possesses when connected to a power source.

mini fridge cheap koolatron

Inexpensive Mini Fridge: Main Features

Energy Efficient: With a brushless fan motor and thermoelectric technology, this unit cools reliably up to 36°F (18°C) below the surrounding temperature, all while consuming less power than your vehicle’s tail light.

Long Lasting Coolness: In cold retention tests, the FunKool cooler’s advanced insulation and airtight seal demonstrated exceptional performance, keeping ice frozen for an impressive duration of 3.3 days without power. This outperformed major competitors by a full day.

Quick Tips: To achieve rapid cooling, it is recommended to pre-chill items before placing them in the cooler. Moreover, Operate the cooler only when the engine is running. To ensure effective operation, make sure the fan is unobstructed and not blocked.

Easy to Clean: The durable and seamless interior of this travel cooler is resistant to stains and can be effortlessly wiped clean, ensuring that it remains ready for your next use.

Lock Handle: The sleek grey cooler is enhanced by a sturdy molded carry handle in a vibrant red color. The handle locks into place, providing a secure closure for the lid.

Buyer Guide

If you want to buy energy efficient mini fridge with a lock handle without emptying your pocket, don’t hesitate to buy it.

Cheap Mini Fridge for Bedroom 13L

cheap mini fridge Australia
Capacity13 Liters
Dimensions40D x 30W x 45H centimeters
PowerDC 12V AC 100-120V/AC220-240V
Temperature Range22° to 65° C

Advwin introduced a multifunctional cheap mini fridge to store a variety of items, including food, beverages, insulin, skincare products, cosmetics, snacks, and breast milk.

This mini fridge has an exclusive fresh-keeping box specifically designed for pregnant mother nutrition products. Experience the long-lasting freshness and enjoy the convenience of consuming hot and nutritious meals anytime during pregnancy.

Mini Fridges Cheap: Main Features

Dual Mode Capability: With a heating capability of up to 65°C, it can effectively warm your items to the desired temperature. On the cooling side, it can achieve a minimum temperature of 22-25℃ below the ambient temperature, keeping your contents refreshingly cool.

3 Partition Storage: You can easily manage products in 3 portions of the fridge.

Tempered Glass Door: Tempered glass doors possess an exquisite appearance while being highly resistant to scratches and dirt. They are a popular choice year-round, providing warmth during winter and a cooling effect during summer.

Perfect for any place: With its compact size, lightweight design, and versatile placement options, this appliance can be conveniently placed anywhere you desire – whether it’s in your living room, bedroom, or office. Enjoy refreshing drinks at your fingertips.

Noise-Free Operation: The product utilizes exceptional noise reduction technology, ensuring quieter operation that won’t disrupt your work or daily activities.

Beauty Mini Fridge: Have your high-temperature skincare products degraded? Is your perfume volatile? This mini fridge will ensure your summer freshness by providing gentle and proper care for your skincare products.

Buyer Guide

If you are a pregnant mother and looking for a multifunctional mini fridge with an exclusive fresh-keeping box at a low price, go for it.

Is it cheaper to run a mini fridge?

Yes, mini fridges are generally cheaper to run compared to full-sized fridges due to their smaller size and lower energy consumption. Their compact design and limited capacity contribute to reduced power usage, resulting in lower energy bills. However, specific cost savings depend on factors like usage patterns, energy efficiency, and local electricity rates.

Cheap Mini Fridge: FAQs

The cost of the smallest fridge in Australia starts from AU$ 100 and goes up to AU$ 5000 or more depending upon the brand and features.

The minimum size of a compact refrigerator typically starts around 1.6 cubic feet (45 liters) of interior space. These smaller fridges are ideal for dorm rooms, offices, or small spaces. Keep in mind that specific dimensions may vary based on the model and manufacturer.

Yes, mini-fridges generally use less electricity compared to larger standard fridges due to their smaller size and cooling capacity. However, efficiency can vary based on the model’s design and energy rating. Go for an Energy Star-certified fridge for energy savings.

The Final Thought

We hope the above article on a cheap mini fridge will help you to make a good decision. if you still have any confusion, feel free to drop your message below.

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