Blue Mini Fridge

Blue Mini Fridge in Australia

Step into the world of cool sophistication with mini-fridges in a captivating cool blue color. Designed to stand out and elevate your space, this mini fridge combines style and functionality in one compact package. Whether you need it for your bedroom, office, or on-the-go adventures, our cool blue mini fridge is here to keep your drinks and snacks refreshingly chilled.

Best Blue Mini Fridge 4L

Capacity4 Liters
Dimensions28H x 19W x 25.5L centimeters
Weight4.18 Pound
Power230V Adapter, USB port 2A
Warranty1 Year

The Subcold Classic4 is a stylish 4L blue mini fridge that is high quality, modern, and contemporary. It utilizes advanced thermometric technology and offers fully automatic operation. Catering to your specific needs, this product offers practicality and versatility. Its tasteful design is specifically tailored for modern living.

Blue Mini Fridge Subcold

Main Features

Dual Temperature Mode: The Subcold Classic4 features an advanced thermoelectric system, capable of cooling up to 18°C below the surrounding temperature or warming between 45-65°C. With a simple switch, you can easily transition from hot to cold.

Small size and Portable: The Subcold Classic4 has a compact 4-liter capacity, providing space for up to 6 (330ml) cans. It includes a removable shelf, making it suitable to store multiple items like drinks, snacks, makeup, skincare, and beauty products.

Multiple Power Options: The Subcold Classic4 is equipped with both AC mains 230V and USB power options, allowing you to connect it to a 2AMP power bank as well. It is the perfect mini fridge for various settings such as the bedroom, dorm, office, car, and caravan, and is ideal for traveling camping, and more.

Noise-free Operation: The Subcold Classic4 is equipped with a high-grade brushless fan motor ensuring quiet operation. It produces a minimal noise output of only 28 dB. This ensures an economical and peaceful running, making it the perfect companion that won’t cause any disturbances.

Buyer Guide

If you are looking for a portable, stylish blue mini fridge that you could use in the bedroom without disturbing your sleep, go for it!

Mini Fridge Blue 6L

Capacity6 Liters
Dimensions(W) 15.2 cm x (D) 13.8 cm x (H) 23.8 cm
Weight4.18 Pounds
Power230V AC  and USB Port 2A
Warranty1 Year

Whether you are in need of a compact office fridge, a convenient bedroom fridge, or a reliable camping fridge, the Subcold Pro6 is the ultimate choice. This versatile appliance caters to all your cooling needs, regardless of the setting. With its exceptional features and performance, the Subcold Pro6 stands out as the number one option for any situation.

Main Features

Small But Mighty: The Subcold Pro6 is a premium mini fridge featuring an advanced thermoelectric cooling system, capable of cooling up to 18°C below ambient temperature. This versatile mini fridge is perfect for various settings such as the office, salon, bedroom, and car.

It’s an excellent companion for various activities such as road trips, camping, and more. You can conveniently store up to 8 cans of your favorite drinks inside this mini fridge, thanks to its spacious 6L capacity.

Removable Shelves: The Small but Mighty fridge includes a removable shelf and door pocket, providing storage options for larger items like milk or juice.

USB Power Option: Power the unit from a wall socket (AC) or your portable power bank via USB.

Noiseless Operation:  The mini fridge features a brushless high-grade DC fan motor, ensuring economical and peaceful operation with a minimal noise output of only 28 dB. Whether you’re working, traveling, or sleeping, this fridge will not disturb you.

Buyer Guide

If you want to have a cool mini fridge that is quiet, and can be powered up by a power bank USB port of 2A, grabs this one.


We trust that the information provided above regarding an affordable blue mini fridge will help you make a wise decision. If you still have any confusion, please drop your comment below!

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