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Black Mini Fridge: Best Options in Australia

In Australia, the demand for compact and stylish appliances has been on the rise, and one such appliance that has gained significant popularity is the black mini fridge. These sleek and space-saving refrigerators have become a must-have item for many households, offices, dorm rooms, and even recreational spaces.

Black Mini Fridge for Bedroom Cooluli 10L

Capacity10 Liters
Weight3.8 Kg
PowerAC 100–240V/12V
Dimensions29D x 23.9W x 34H centimetres
Warranty1 Year

The Cooluli Infinity 10-liter thermoelectric cooler/warmer black mini fridge combines style with portability. Moreover, this sophisticated mini refrigerator features a sleek glass-front design, making it a versatile choice for various settings.

Whether you want to use it in your home, nursery, office, or dorm room, or take it on road trips, vacations, or tailgate parties, this portable mini black fridge is the perfect companion.

Black Mini Fridge Cooluli

Main Features

Efficient & Durable: The Infinity-10L Cooler/Warmer Mini Fridge combines efficiency and durability in a stylish compact unit.

Dual Mode: It is equipped with upgraded foam for improved insulation and can seamlessly switch between cooling and warming functions.

Versatility: The versatile Infinity is suitable for storing various items such as drinks, snacks, food, skincare, cosmetics, breastmilk, medications, and insulin.

Quick Tip: Clean the mini fridge regularly with mild detergent and a soft cloth. Ensure the fridge is unplugged before cleaning.

Non Frost: The Cooluli Infinity incorporates Cooluli’s exclusive EcoMax Technology, which prevents frost formation and ensures powerful, quiet, and cost-effective operation.

Energy Efficient: On reaching maximum efficiency, ECO mode is automatically triggered to save energy and money.

Environment Friendly: It does not use any refrigerants or Freon

Buyer Guide

If you need a black mini fridge in a compact size and sleek black exterior, that not only provides convenient storage for food and beverages but also adds a touch of modern elegance to any space, it’s for you!

Mini Fridge Black without Freezer 10L

Mini Fridge Black
Capacity10 Liters
Dimensions24.5D x 29W x 34H centimeters
Weight4 Kg

The  SENSIOHOME  mini fridge black is a sleek and contemporary refrigerator that offers both style and versatility. Its stunning design features a glossy midnight black finish throughout the entire unit, including the sides and back. The front of the fridge is adorned with black sparkle-effect glass, adding a touch of elegance.

Modern aesthetic look, lightweight design, compact size, and easy-to-carry handle, offer maximum functionality. Whether you’re going on holidays, trips, camping adventures, or attending festivals, this mini fridge can be easily transported and taken along.

Mini Fridge Black SENSIOHOME

Main Features

Variable Power Options: The mini fridge includes a UK AC mains power lead, a European power lead for use in the UK and Europe, and a DC power lead for connecting to a car cigarette socket. This allows you to use the fridge both indoors and outdoors, ensuring maximum portability.

Noise-free: The brushless motor of the mini fridge ensures long-lasting performance and quiet operation.

Quick Tip: Clean the mini fridge regularly to prevent unhygienic conditions

Hot and Cold Function: Switching between heating and cooling modes is very easy. It can cool items up to 20 degrees Celsius below the surrounding temperature or heat them up to 65 degrees Celsius.

Removable Shelves: Two removable shelves and a storage pocket behind the door increase versatility for storage purposes.

Buyer Guide

This black mini fridge with a handle offers a practical and stylish solution for refrigeration needs. Whether you’re a student looking to keep snacks and drinks cool in your dorm room, an office worker seeking a convenient storage option for your lunch, or a homeowner wanting an additional fridge for your bedroom or entertainment area, it is an excellent choice.

Mini Black Fridge No Freezer NETTA 10L

Mini Black Fridge
Capacity10 Liters
Dimensions27.3H x 26W x 18.4L centimeters
Weight2.5 Kg
Power12V DC   220-240V  AC

Whether you need to keep your beverages cool during hot summer days or warm up some snacks on a chilly evening, the NETTA 5L Mini Black Fridge is the ideal companion for all your refrigeration needs.

Mini Black Fridge NETTA

Main Features

Lightweight and Portable: It is easy to transport a mini fridge due to its smart design. To further enhance its portability, a DC 12V power lead is included, allowing you to connect the product to your car using the car cigarette lighter socket

Additionally, an AC mains UK power plug is also included for convenient use at home or in other compatible power outlets.

Cooling and Warming Switch: Cooling to warm mode can be changed by just a single switch. It can cool food and drinks up to 20°C below the ambient room temperature or heat items up to 65°C, expanding its capabilities for different storage needs.

Noiseless Operation: Operating at a mere 28dB, this mini fridge is quieter than a computer, ensuring a peaceful user experience. Whether you use it during the day or throughout the night, you can rest assured that it won’t cause any disturbance or disrupt your tranquility.

Buyer Guide

If you are looking for a Mini Black Fridge that is a compact and portable solution for keeping your beverages and snacks cool on the go, with its 10-liter capacity, it offers ample space for storing your essentials.

The Final Thought

We hope the above article provides you with all details about Black Mini Fridge. As every item is unique in some way. So, we recommend you carefully choose the one that fulfills your needs and fits your budget.

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