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Monster Mini Fridge in Australia – Quick Guide

Monster mini fridge comes in a stylish gray color with a matte finish, featuring a solid pattern. Its freestanding design facilitates effortless installation in your preferred location.

The package includes one unit of the fridge. This model is Energy Star certified, ensuring energy efficiency. With its portable design, you can conveniently carry it wherever you need. It doesn’t require any batteries to operate.

Moreover, this energy mini fridge weighs approximately 800g, making it lightweight and easy to handle.

Monster Mini Fridge Amazon: Specifications

mini fridge monster energy
BrandGadget Monster
Capacity A bottle of 50ml or 2 cans of 33cl
Dimensions 8.5D x 12.7W x 25H centimetres
Weight 800g
PowerUSB Port 5V 
Energy SavingYes, Energy Star certified

Monster Mini Fridge Energy: Performance Review

  • This portable mini fridge is designed to be easily connected using a USB cable.
  • With this monster energy fridge Australia, your cold beverages are always within reach, providing convenience wherever you go.
  • It offers the capability to cool drinks between 4 and 10 degrees Celsius, as well as warm them up to 50 degrees Celsius.
  • With the capacity to hold a bottle of 50ml or 2 cans of 33cl, it provides sufficient space for your drinks.
  • Finally, it is the best alternative to the red bull mini fridge.

Monster Energy Drink Cooler: FAQs

The Monster mini fridge can hold 2 cans of 33cl or a 50ml bottle.

No, Java Monster need not to be refrigerated. It delivers ambient temperature. So, it remains stable until opened.

Yes, you can put Monster energy drinks in your fridge, if you need cold. However, to store them for a long time, place them on a shelf or in a cabinet, or box.

The Final Thought

If you are looking for a portable and energy-saving Monster mini fridge that doesn’t require batteries. It is a great option for you!

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