Russell Hobbs Mini Fridge

Russell Hobbs Mini Fridge Reviews

Russell Hobbs mini fridge is packed with features, it’s not just an appliance; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. With modern aesthetics and efficient cooling, it seamlessly fits any space. Dive into a world of chilled delights today.

Best Russell Hobbs Mini Fridge Black

Russell Hobbs Mini Fridge Black
Brand‎Russell Hobbs
Capacity8 Liters
Dimensions42.2H x 32.5 x 32.3 centimeters
Weight3.5 Kg
Power12V DC / 230V AC
Warranty1 Year

Main Features

Capacity: This mini fridge can hold 10 Cans (330ml each) or 6 Cans (500ml each).

Hot and Cool: This appliance cools 20°C below ambient temperature and heats up to 65° C.

Dual Voltage: Heating and Cooling On-the-Go with 230V AC and 12V DC Power

Versatile: Russell Hobbs Mini Fridge 8l is most suitable for drinks, snacks, skincare, and cosmetics.

Portable: Suitable for bedroom, office, or countertop use. Also ideal for camping, journeys in a caravan, or enjoyable family outings.

Buyer Guide

If you are looking for easy to carry and versatile tiny fridge, Russell Hobbs provides you with a solution. Dual voltage ads to convenience.

Russell Hobbs Small Fridge White

Russell Hobbs Mini Fridge White
BrandRussell Hobbs
Capacity4 Liters
Dimensions18D x 24W x 25.2H centimetres
Weight2 Kg
Power12V DC / 230V AC
Warranty1 Year

Main Features

Capacity: Russell Hobbs Mini Fridge 4l can hold 6 cans (330ml each) or your favorite snacks.

Stylish Design: A 1950s-style retro cooler with sleek curves, chrome handles, and a glossy finish for a striking statement.

Versatile: Chill beverages and snacks, or store cosmetics.

Hot or Cold: With an advanced thermoelectric system, it cools 20°C below ambient and heats up to 65°C.

Noise-Free Operation: Embrace serenity with a barely audible 27dB noise level.

Multiple Power Options: Compact appliance with 230V AC power cord and 12V DC car adapter for on-the-go heating and cooling.

Buyer Guide

If you want to enhance your chilling experience, simplify life, and relish the luxury of accessible chilled treats, go for it!

Does Russell Hobbs mini fridge come with freezer?

No, Russell Hobbs mini fridge is compact freezerless.

Russell Hobbs Mini Fridge: FAQs

Your mini fridge can stop working when it loses cooling due to any of the following problems like

  • Dirty condenser coils
  • Faulty door gasket
  • Malfunctioning condenser fan
  • Broken thermostat
  • Defective start relay
  • Inadequate ventilation
  • Improper setup
  • Dirty or faulty gasket seals
  • Disorganized food storage
  • Appliance placement
  • Internal part issues

If you are unable to find or fix the problem, please contact a certified technician.

Small refrigerator won’t get cold due to dirty condenser coils at the back of the fridge. That removes the heat from inside the fridge and ultimately stops cooling.

If the freezer is cold but the fridge isn’t, common causes include overstuffing the freezer, blocked condenser coils, an evaporator fan motor problem, or a faulty thermistor. If you are unable to find or fix, please contact a certified technician.


Russell Hobbs Mini Fridge epitomizes modern convenience and style. More than an appliance, it seamlessly integrates into your routine, ensuring optimal temperature for your refreshments and efficient space usage.

Elevate your lifestyle with this innovation that blends practicality and elegance, redefining your chilling experience!

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