Pink Mini Fridge

Pink Mini Fridge in Australia – A Quick Guide

Experience style and functionality with the Pink Mini Fridge! Its vibrant color transforms your space, while cutting-edge cooling keeps refreshments perfect. Embrace personalization, stand out, and elevate your lifestyle with this captivating appliance.

Best Pink Mini Fridge Skincare

Pink Mini Fridge Skincare
Capacity9 Liters
Dimensions322 x 237 x 340 mm
Weight4.8 Kg
Temperature Range10-25°C
Power Consumption0.65 kWh/24h

Main Features

Professional Skincare Fridge: This Pink Mini Fridge Skincare has a professional storage environment with a 360° surrounding air supply, ensuring a balanced temperature for fresh and long-lasting skincare products. Easily placed on your dresser or shelf.

Large Capacity: The 9L mini skincare fridge offers scientific divisions for efficient storage. It includes a removable tray, lipstick rack, and 3D tilting box for easy access to items, to meet daily skincare needs.

Three Gears Adjustable Temperature: This beauty refrigerator has a touch screen for three temperature levels (10-25°C). Smart mode ensures fresh skincare for spring and autumn, while refreshing mode keeps summer calm and comfortable.

Double Door Fridge and Exterior Arc Design: The new beauty refrigerator has an upgraded double-door design for easy access and a wider view. It also features a humanized 20° door handle and a sleek circular arc design for a stylish appearance.

Low Noise Sleep Mode: Operating at a low 37DB noise level, this beauty refrigerator has a sleep mode switch for peaceful sleep.

Buyer Guide

If you are looking for a rose pink mini fridge with a unique design, this double-door design optimizes the usable space inside the fridge. Moreover, With a 360° surrounding air supply, the fridge ensures a balanced temperature, keeping skincare products fresh and well-preserved for a long time.

Pink Mini Fridge Amazon

Pink Mini Fridge Amazon
Capacity4 Liters
Dimensions28.6H x 25.5W x 19.2L centimeters
Warranty1 Year

Main Features

Small and Mighty: Pink Mini Fridge Amazon with advanced cooling system, cools up to 18°C below ambient temperature. Perfect for office, salon, bedroom, car, camping, road trips, and more! 4L capacity fits up to 6 cans of your favorite drinks.

Removable Shelf: The inclusion of a door pocket and a removable shelf enhances storage capacity, accommodating larger items such as milk and juice.

Multi Power Options: Power this unit from a wall socket (AC) or a portable power bank via USB. this feature makes it also the best pink mini fridge for bedroom.

Super Quiet & Economical: This mini fridge has a brushless DC fan motor, running economically and quietly at 28 dB. Perfect for working, traveling, or sleeping without disturbance.

Buyer Guide

If you need a cute pink mini refrigerator to use while traveling, it features a multi-adapter plug for UK or EU (AC) wall sockets, and a USB lead for power from a 2 amp power bank, making it suitable for on-the-go use.

Pink Mini Fridge With LED Mirror

Pink Mini Fridge With Mirror
BrandParis Hilton
Capacity4 Liters
Dimensions17.78 x 23.62 x 20.07 cm
Weight2.45 Kg
Power12V DC / 120V AC

Main Features

Pink Mini Fridge With Mirror is perfect for luxury cosmetics, skincare, and beauty items

Cool cosmetics Perfect for skincare, creams, serums, and more. The optimal temperature for beauty products without freezing or congealing (up to 32°F below ambient temperature).

Personal Spa: It keeps not only the freshness of hair masks, and essential and face oils intact, but also retains warmth for preheated spa towels, cosmetic waxes, green tea, or coffee, eliminating the need for constant reheating.

LED light illuminates the mirror with a button push, providing ideal makeup application lighting.

Portable and Compact: It’s an iconic addition to any vanity, makeup desk, bedroom, or office. A top dorm room essential.

Pink Mini Fridge With Mirror is an excellent gift for anyone seeking a glamorous touch in their life.

Buyer Guide

If you require a pink small fridge with an LED mirror to cool cosmetics, its optimal temperature (up to 32°F below ambient) is the best for cosmetics, and never freeze them. Besides, you can enjoy a self-care spa day with preheated spa towels and more.

Hot Pink Mini Fridge Australia

Capacity10 Liters
Dimensions29D x 23.9W x 34H centimetres
Weight3.8 Kg
Power12V DC / 100-240V AC
Warranty1 Year

Main Features

Quickly toggle between cooling and heating modes.

Dual voltage infinity (AC 100-240V/12V) works worldwide, providing versatile storage for food, beverages, breast milk, insulin, skincare, medicines, and more.

Lightweight & Portable: Hot pink small fridge perfect for home, office, bedroom, and on-the-go use during road trips, holidays, and tailgate parties.

With advanced EcoMax technology, this fridge is energy-efficient and frost-free.

Buyer Guide

If you looking for a branded pink mini fridge that must be frost-free, energy efficient, and durable, go for it!

Is pink mini fridge frigidaire available in Australia?

Currently, it is not available in Australia.

Pink Mini Fridge: FAQs

Whether it’s for skincare or food and drinks, any mini fridge serves its purpose. Feel free to keep your skincare even in your regular fridge if you prefer.

Typical mini-fridges and beverage centers aren’t built for outdoor temperature fluctuations. Overworking to cool down, their components wear out, leading to insufficient cooling.

Avoid refrigerating oil-based products like facial oils and makeup to prevent hardening and usability issues. Shea butter masks for hands and feet should also stay out of the fridge. Similarly, clay products, such as clay masks, are best kept away from the refrigerator.

For optimal results, refrigerate Vitamin C serum to prevent oxidation and make it used for longer periods. Chilling other serums like Hyaluronic Acid enhances their soothing benefits, particularly on sensitive skin.

The Final Thought

Pink Mini Fridge, where style meets function! Embrace vibrant colors to elevate your space and keep refreshments chilled. Make a statement, stay cool – welcome it into your world today.

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